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Super rencontre avec Rosaria. Très disponible, échanges riches et très intéressants sur la ville ainsi que la vie quotidienne italienne. Expérience à renouveler. Grand merci à Rosaria

Visitor: Monique Benvenuti – France – 15/06/2018

Greeter: Rosaria Tamburrino

The walk with Fabio was great!!! He told me a lot interesting things about Milan's history and life in Italy. He is very friendly. I spent great time with him. Thank you so much!!!

Visitor: Ekaterina Egutkina – Germany – 11/06/2018

Greeter: Fabio Antonio Cesare Massimo Roberto Norberto Franco Schiavo

Un greet très intéressant et captivant. Luciana à su me faire découvrir un autre Milan, avec grand intérêt. Les échanges étaient agréables. Excellent moment! Grazie mille

Visitor: Jules SEHIER – France – 12/06/2018

Greeter: luciana lamorte

Une superbe expérience! Nous avons été conquis par la visite effectuée avec notre Greeter qui parlait un français excellent! Nous avons pu découvrir une autre facette de la ville totalement méconnue qui change de l éternel Duomo! A recommander sans hésitation!

Visitor: Caroline MERCIER – France – 14/06/2018

Greeter: Elisabetta Barbini

Had a wonderful morning with Dino. His history and story telling about Milan was amazing, and we enjoyed his tips on where the best coffee and places to eat were.

Visitor: Ian and Lyn Goodgame – Australia – 02/06/2018

Greeter: Dino Ferrari

Fantastic! We had a great time meeting Dino and walking around Milan with him. We certainly saw more in afternoon than we probably would have in a week walking around by ourselves. We particular enjoyed the cloistered nuns church, as well as the new "modern" Milan and the vertical forests. Thanks again to Dino for a fabulous afternoon - we hope to make it back to Milan in the future and take a longer look at some of the place he pointed us to.

Visitor: Nick Wilde – United States – 03/06/2018

Greeter: Dino Ferrari

Had a great time with Ilaria, she was very knowledgeable, easy to understand and fun to be with!

Visitor: Cecile Glendening – United States – 09/06/2018


We enjoyed a lot the visit with Dino. We learnt many things about Milan’s history and discovered original and typical monuments or churchs or streets, shops and so on, that we wouldn’t have discovered without a Greeter. Dino was disponible and very kind : a great experience with him . Thank you very Much Dino.

Visitor: claude bienvenu – France – 20/05/2018

Greeter: Dino Ferrari

Bravo Nous avons passés un très agréable moment une vision différente de Milan qui nous a enchantée. Super Greet à l'italienne Merci

Visitor: Stéphane PIRIOU – France – 28/04/2018

Greeter: luciana lamorte

Merci beaucoup à Lucia qui a été très agréable et qui nous a fait passer un excellent moment.

Visitor: Arnaud Gonnord – 15/04/2018

Greeter: Lucia

What a pleasure to discover the hidden parts of the city ! I would highly recommend a greet to all my friends visiting places. And thank you Lucia for your kindness

Visitor: Helene Casta – France – 20/04/2018

Greeter: luciana lamorte

A very nice afternoon with our greeters Betty, she took the time to show us a part of Milan center, for 3 ours, it was a real good experience, and we will do it next time with another greeter in an other town. We enjoy this experience and thank's a lot our so nice greeters Betty. Best regards. MCL

Visitor: Marie Christine Lecacheur – France – 28/04/2018

Greeter: Elisabetta Barbini

we had a wonderfdul weekend in Milan owed to our greeter Dino. He showed us a lot of interesting sights of Milan His knowledge and efforts to give information were great. We had a really great profit from his tour. thank you very much!!

Visitor: Anne Kösters – Germany – 05/05/2018

Greeter: Dino Ferrari

Nice greet with Dino. We enjoy To chat and visit the City with hum.

Visitor: Bertil Lauth – France – 08/05/2018

Greeter: Dino Ferrari

Merci beaucoup pour cette matinée de visites et de découvertes ,ce fut très agréable les commentaires de Betty. Nous apprécions beaucoup Greeters et nous l' utilisons dès que nous pouvons quand nous visitons les villes. Cordialement Maryse et Christian

Visitor: MARYSE LAMEIGNERE – France – 27/04/2018

Greeter: Elisabetta Barbini

Dino, thank you very much for everything that you did for us. We cheerfully continue our trip. Your coffee time is interesting and pleasant for us. It is quite effective for refresh. Please make every guests experience it. We are more happy if you have Greeters in other cities in Italy.

Visitor: Fumiaki Hyuga – Japan – 27/04/2018

Greeter: Dino Ferrari

Bonjour, C'était une très belle découverte de Milan; très intéressant. Betty nous a montré les principaux monuments de la ville, et cela a fait une parfaite introduction quant à mon séjour à Milan. Une bonne expérience à recommander sans réticences. Jean-Luc Vesperini.

Visitor: Jean-luc Vesperini – France – 27/04/2018

Greeter: Elisabetta Barbini

Il tour era meraviglioso. Dino mi ha aiutato di vedere la bellezza della città ma inoltre come la gente vivono. Cinque stelle!

Visitor: Susan Fox – Stati Uniti – 24/04/2018

Greeter: Elisabetta Barbini

Four of us visited Milan in April 2018 and spent almost 3 hours with Guilia Laregina on Tuesday,April 24th. She is knowledgeable and passionate about the city, its culture, history and modern life. Giulia showed us very interesting places in Milan and told us about life of the youth in Italy. We had great time with her and will highly recommend her to our friends from the US.

Visitor: Marina Chudnovsky – United States – 24/04/2018

Greeter: Giulia Laregina

Esperienza bellissima a 360 gradi! La mia Greeter top!

Visitor: Federica Ballariano – Italia – 20/04/2018

Greeter: luciana lamorte

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