Read what other have to say about their Greeter experience.

Our greeter, Suzi was truly a delight. Our tour was so personal. Suzi showed us so many hidden gems in the city we never would have found on our own. We appreciated the time she spent showing us the beauty of Milan. I would highly recommend spending time with a greeter to learn the customs and etiquette of this wonderful city. Suzi was a highlight in our visit. Finchè non ci incontreremo di nuovo. Ciao Suzi!!!!! Thanks Mark and Melinda

Visitor: Mark Delewski – United States – 04/11/2018

Greeter: Susanna Baggio

Lucia e' stata la nostra prima greeter, ci ha accolti come si fa con gli amici e ci siamo veramente trovati benissimo . Abbiamo visitato il centro di Milano e la parte antica, lei gentile , preparata ed attenta ad accontentare le nostre richieste.Una passeggiata davvero gradevole , ci ha raccontato storia ed aneddoti e la vita dei milanesi.Non ci siamo fatti mancare una fetta di panettone ed un aperitivo naturalmente! GRAZIE

Visitor: Rita Cerquetti – Italia – 18/11/2018

Greeter: luciana lamorte

Nous avons passés quelques heures avec Samir, il est top et il nous a emmené dans de super endroits dans la ville ! Merci aussi pour ses bons plans ! Nous recommandons 🙂

Visitor: LAURE MONLOUIS – France – 10/11/2018

Greeter: Samir Batista

Dino was an amazing Greeter, he speaks English so well and he is in love with Milan, I had a great and informative time. I would highly recommend Greeters.info and thank you for the wonderful time.

Visitor: Raed Adal – Saudi Arabia – 04/11/2018

Greeter: Dino Ferrari

It was a very friendly way of discovering some special places of Milan. My daughters and myself greatly appreciated the warm visit with Dino and apprentice Camilla. Thank you very much for this visit. grazie mille. merci beaucoup, ce fut très apprécié.

Visitor: Danièle Goulet – Canada – 10/11/2018

Greeter: Dino Ferrari

Nous avons passé, mes parents, mon bébé et moi, un très bon moment avec Betty. Nous nous sommes balades toute la matinée, nous avons découvert des endroits que nous n aurions pas vu sans notre greeter! Betty était vraiment à l écoute de nos envies et de nos besoins' c était super! Nous avons pu aussi échanger sur nos différents voyages et habitudes, ça a été un échange très enrichissant! Nous avons hâte de revenir à Milan et de refaire une autre visite ::))

Visitor: Maya Sedano – France – 13/11/2018

Greeter: Elisabetta Barbini

We really enjoyed our guided tour of Dino! Thanks!

Visitor: Cecilia Nilsson – Sweden – 29/10/2018

Greeter: Dino Ferrari

My wife and I both loved Dino ! He was knowledgeable and fun to be with. Great tour !

Visitor: John Kleiman – United States – 07/10/2018

Greeter: Dino Ferrari

Great introduction to Milan!

Visitor: Ee Ling Tan – Singapore – 30/10/2018

Greeter: Fabio Antonio Cesare Massimo Roberto Norberto Franco Schiavo

I had a great tour through Milan with my Greeter! He showed me some very interesting places and let me taste some typical local food. He had interesting stories to tell and gave me some great tips! I just loved it! I definitely recommend a Greet, you just experience the city in a whole different way!

Visitor: Danse Clara Depraetere – Belgium – 26/10/2018

Greeter: Dino Ferrari

Gentilissimi, per prima cosa mi scuso per il ritardo nel rispondervi: aver avuto l'opportunità di stare nuovamente a contatto con voi, ed in particolare con Lucia, per me e per i miei amici è stato ancora una volta fantastico!!!Lucia è deliziosa, preparata, più che cordiale e disponibile: bravissima!! Grazie speriamo di incontrarci ancora, a presto Antonietta & C.

Visitor: Maria Antonietta Saba – Italia – 29/09/2018

Greeter: luciana lamorte

Dino was great. We saw lots of history and culture and having a local and being able to ask questions and hear from someone living in the city was very enjoyable. Thank you

Visitor: Carmel White – Australia – 29/09/2018

Greeter: Dino Ferrari

Great Welcome from Lucia who prepared the great tour after listening our wishes. Very friendly and smily ! Thank you to her.

Visitor: Jacques Laebens – France – 27/10/2018

Greeter: luciana lamorte

We truly had a great time with Dino. He is remarkably personable and a genuinely kind. He showed us many non tourist places such as the beautiful university library which we loved. Thanks again Dino for making our visit to Milan a fabulous one.

Visitor: Agnes Tio – United States – 18/10/2018

Greeter: Dino Ferrari

We had Dino as our greeter and he was excellent. Really friendly and very knowledgeable. Dino was so generous with his time and gave us a fantastic tour of Milan. We visited many places we would never have thought to go to. It was perfect for us and we were so grateful to Gino. Many thanks. Jo and Terry

Visitor: Terry Alldridge – United Kingdom – 19/10/2018

Greeter: Dino Ferrari

A delightful experience! Betty introduced me to a side of Milan that is more intimate and immersive. Off the beaten track places, with curious and interesting stories to tell, and the greeter's willingness to accommodate the visitor's interests, made this 2 and a half walk through the city utterly unforgettable. A big thank you to all the greeters and Betty in particular.

Visitor: Isabel Ramos – Italy – 17/10/2018

Greeter: Elisabetta Barbini

Dino was an excellent guide. We saw so much in just 3.5 hours on the route from Centrale Statione to the Duomo Piazza. There is nothing to compare with being shown around a city by a local. Thank you Dino for an excellent tour. Kim & Trevor Rosen, Melbourne

Visitor: Trevor Rosen – Australia – 17/10/2018

Greeter: Dino Ferrari

We are so pleased to have met a wonderful greeter who took us around in Milan. She was very interesting, easy to talk to, kind and fun with our little ones. We had a great day and felt like we were catching up with an old friend. Thank you very very much!

Visitor: Clémentine Baudéan – Royaume-Uni – 23/10/2018

Greeter: Viola Venturelli

We had a wonderful experience with Dino in Milan. He was so knowledgeable and showed us so many of the beautiful buildings which we would never have found by ourselves. We gained a real insight into the history and culture of the city. Dino helped us to appreciate the beauty of the city and the walk was one of the highlights of our trip.

Visitor: Felicity Hawksley – United Kingdom – 29/09/2018

Greeter: Dino Ferrari

We loved our Milan greeter experience! Dino shared places we would have missed otherwise. We toured the new architecture of the city as well as the small personal places, as in the flowers on display and for purchase at a designer shop! We saw libraries at a university that was amazing. Courtyards that were once part of a monastery. Just gorgeous. All thru our trip of Italy, my friend and I have raved about the experience!!

Visitor: Gayle Kirk – United States – 28/09/2018

Greeter: Dino Ferrari