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Abbiamo camminato con Dino, un Greeter entusiasta che ci ha accompagnato per quattro ore facendoci vedere arte e luoghi pieni di cultura. Nonostante la pioggia abbiamo visitato anche un roof top e sorseggiato insieme un caffè. Consiglio di fare questa esperienza!

Visitor: sara pozzoni – Italia – 24/07/2021

Greeter: Dino Ferrari

I had a great time with Fabio, who not only showed me a part of the city I didn’t knew but also talked me about its history, architecture and culture. He was really friendly and we talked about many subjects, it was like meeting a friend, which is something you are really grateful for when you arrive in a new place on your own as it was my case. I for sure will repeat the experience of I ever come back to Milan.

Visitor: Noemi de Casas – Spagna – 19/07/2021

Greeter: Fabio Antonio Cesare Massimo Roberto Norberto Franco Schiavo

La passeggiata con Lucia è stata molto piacevole. Mi ha raccontato molte cose interessanti e fatto vedere posti che anche se ci passo tutti i giorni sicuramente ora guarderò con un occhio nuovo. Abbiamo visitato chiese, palazzi, un museo e un negozio storico di Milano. Ritengo che sia una bellissima esperienza da fare. Spero presto di poter fare un altro giro così da conoscere magari un altro greeter e vedere Milano da un altro punto di vista. Un ringraziamento di cuore a tutti i greeters!

Visitor: Kristina Tsirba – Italia – 17/07/2021

Greeter: luciana lamorte

The Greet was very interesting, our Greeter made a good and not too short tour with us and gave us a lot of inspiring tips, which were very useful. We've enjoyed the walk and the personal exchange very much. 5 stars!

Visitor: Lydia Roessler – Austria – 15/07/2021

Greeter: Dino Ferrari

We visited Milan with Lucia. The visit was very interesting. We learnt a lot and discovered some unusual places in Milan that we wouldn't have visited without our guide. Thanks a lot Lucia.

Visitor: Celine QUENECHDU – France – 11/07/2021

Greeter: luciana lamorte

Fabio was a great passionate greeter. He knows his city and he knows the history, talking proudly as an Italian/Milanese but with an open mind for the world history and culture. We had a very good time and will contact him again for another trip. Thanks again, Elise and Stijn

Visitor: Stijn Bruggeman – Italy – 24/02/2021

Greeter: Fabio Antonio Cesare Massimo Roberto Norberto Franco Schiavo

It was a very good moment with DIno. He took us around with our points of interests and we really appreciate all the stories and places we visited. Ciao Dino alla prossima

Visitor: Leila Moullet – Suisse – 12/10/2020

Greeter: Dino Ferrari

Abbiamo fatto un giro excelente con il greeter Fabio. Lui e bravissimo e molto gentile. Non dimenticaremo mai di sue frase como " Andiamo al Bar del Sindaco" per noi dire questo :Andiamo a bevere l'aqua della fontana. Salute e arriverderci Mikel e Karmele

Visitor: Karmele Bujan Vidales – Spain – 04/10/2020

Greeter: Fabio Antonio Cesare Massimo Roberto Norberto Franco Schiavo

E stata una bella giornata. Dino mi a fatto vedere molte cose che senza di lui non li avevano trovate. Molte informazioni e spiegationi. Grazie Dino per tutto. CORDIALI Saluti a tutti voi Greeter. Una cosa bellissima. Angela

Visitor: Angela Costea – Germany – 06/07/2020

Greeter: Dino Ferrari

The tour with Dino was very nice. He covered some minor places most tourists would overlook as well as major attractions. Milan is a charming city.

Visitor: Seiji Yamane – Japan – 14/02/2020

Greeter: Dino Ferrari

Very great tour with Dino and her friend. We saw lot of varied neighborhoods. Dino’s explanations was really clear. Dino and her friend was so friendly and easygoing. We are so thankful for their time spending to visit Milan and we don’t know how to thank us.

Visitor: Olivier Boulestreau – France – 16/02/2020

Greeter: Dino Ferrari

Bonjour, nous avons passé un agréable moment avec Lucia qui nous a fait visité son quartier. Notre visite a été très intéressante et riche d'informations, Lucia était très sympathique et à notre écoute. Merci Lucia

Visitor: PHILIPPE GODART – France – 09/02/2020

Greeter: luciana lamorte

Promenade très intéressante, alliant culture, art, anecdotes, gastronomie et toutes sortes de conseils pour notre séjour à Milan. Seules, nous n aurions pas pu voir la moitié des choses. Merci encore à notre greeter !

Visitor: Simone Revol – France – 12/02/2020

Greeter: Dino Ferrari

Une formidable première expérience de Gretter avec Rosaria ! Nous avons découvert, papoté, rigolé, appris, visité : un très belle entrée en matière de notre séjour milanais.

Visitor: Christelle CARLIEZ – France – 14/02/2020

Greeter: Rosaria Tamburrino

This was a fantastic experience! Being a greeter in Chicago I know how much a greeter sacrifices to showcase the city they love. Dino went above and beyond in showing us parts of Milan we would have never seen on our own. He customized the experience to our needs and gave us invaluable information and insights. He was never rushed and we felt very comfortable with him. We could not be happier with our experience! Thank you Dino!!!

Visitor: JAMES DION – United States – 13/01/2020

Greeter: Dino Ferrari

È stata una esperienza meravigliosa. Ho potuto conoscere la città per mano di un locale che mi ha mostrato dei luoghi che, senza lui, non avrei mai potuto vedere. Una altra volta, grazie mille!

Visitor: Alejandro Nesis – Argentina – 20/01/2020

Greeter: Dino Ferrari

The Greeter was really nice ! Great first experience

Visitor: Justine Poncelet – Belgique – 13/10/2019

Greeter: luciana lamorte

Everything was perfect, Dino was nice and gave us a lot of story and details about Milano city center. Thank you very much.

Visitor: Amel Addala – France – 30/10/2019

Greeter: Dino Ferrari

I have a great time with Martina. She is great, she walked me to the fashion district, the Duomo, the castle, the small but beautiful churches... I sure learnt a lot about Milan; without Martina, that would not be possible. Thank you to Martina, and all of you. Greeting from Toronto!!!!

Visitor: Nancy Lai – Canada – 06/12/2019

Greeter: Martina Rizzo

Bonjour, Les 4 participants à la visite de Milan organisée par Lucia ont été très satisfaits. Les endroits découverts étaient très intéressants, Lucia a mené la visite avec beaucoup de compétence et une très grande gentillesse. La visite était parfaite pour les 2 heures que nous avions. Il n'y a rien à changer, c'est vraiment très bien. Merci beaucoup à toute votre équipe et en particulier à Lucia.

Visitor: Francis VALLEJO – France – 22/12/2019

Greeter: luciana lamorte