Milan Italy

About us

Milan Greeters are volunteers whose goal is to meet new people and to support them to explore our wonderful city. We do so by arranging tailor-made Greets for individuals, families and groups of up to a maximum of six people. Absolutely free.

You can reach the Milan Greeters through email.

A Greeter will walk with you showing  you  the city through the eyes of those who live it every day, allowing you to discover the beauties of Milan in a unique and original way.

You could see interesting things outside of usual turistic itinerary or related to one of  your special interest.

Milan Greeters are not Touristic Guides, but simple love of Milan: they are not professionals but people who contribute to enjoy you the daily life in the city without the use of maps or guidebooks, just walking and talking with you.

All Greeters follow a strict non-tipping policy.

If you are in Milan  with more than 6, please contact us by mail and we will try to find the best solution for you!