Milan Italy



We had a wonderful time - our greeter Dino was lovely. He was funny and very informative. It was a great afternoon and we really appreciated his time. When we were finished, he recommended a restaurant - we went and it was all that he said. Thanks Dino x

Visitor: Laura Cleland – Ireland – 17/08/2017

Greeter: Dino Ferrari

Matrina was an amazing host! She had so much knowledge of her beautiful city, it was a great introduction to the city So thankful I stumbled across the site for global greeters

Visitor: Melinda Harris – Canada – 14/10/2017

Greeter: Martina Rizzo

Greet era fantastico e unico! Lucia/Greeter mi ha aperto le luoghi misteriosi, le angoli storici, i tutti tipi di architettura. Greeter ha raccontato molto di storia, di architettura, di cultura, di art. Lucia ha dato consigli utilissimi: cosa vedere, dove mangiare, dove fare lo shopping. La passeggiata era vivace, allegra, sincera e cordiale. Sono felice che passavo il giorno con Milano Greeters.

Visitor: Olena Tkach – Ukraine – 14/10/2017

Greeter: luciana lamorte

We had a wonderful morning with Viola. Her tour and descriptions gave an excellent overview of old and new architecture and the social history of Milan. It was lovely to chat with Viola about her own lifestyle and work. Viola is a great ambassador for Milan!

Visitor: Diane McPhail – Australia – 01/10/2017

Greeter: Viola Venturelli

Dino was terrific. He shared three hours of his Sunday with us and showed us many things we would not have found on our own. We really appreciate the service. A couple of years ago we used Paris greeters and had a similar good experience. You guys rock...thanks

Visitor: Rick Jones – United States – 01/10/2017

Greeter: Dino Ferrari

We so much enjoyed our tour with Fabio. We got lost getting to our meeting spot, but he was so understanding. We learned a lot about the city and a lot about living, education, history and wonderful world of eating in Milan. Fabio, thank you so much for the time you give and ask nothing in return. You are the best!

Visitor: Faith Mullins – United States – 03/09/2017

Greeter: Fabio Antonio Cesare Massimo Roberto Norberto Franco Schiavo

Pour une première expérience greeters nous avons passé un excellent moment avec Lucia (et avec les co visiteurs belges Danielle et Koen). Une visite de Milan au gré de l'histoire et de l'architecture milanaise sans oublier le Milan d'aujourd'hui (merci pour le café et le cappucino). Excellent, la fin de parcours au Duomo !! Grand merci à Lucia.

Visitor: MARY Christophe – France – 09/09/2017

Greeter: Elisabetta Barbini

thank you dino for this visit, it was a great moment.

Visitor: UHLRICH NATACHA – France – 26/09/2017

Greeter: Dino Ferrari

Guilia was a superb guide and we really enjoyed our walk with her. We had been in Milan for a few days and had seen many of the sights yet she took us to new and interesting areas with great explanation of what we were seeing. A very personable young lady and wonderful guide. I have posted a public comment on your Facebook page recommending Milan Greeters and Guilia! Thanks for the experience.

Visitor: Joann Askew – United States – 29/09/2017

Greeter: Giulia Laregina

Had a fantastic time with Dino, a wonderful person. He was very accommodating and atune to our interests, so was flexible in what he showed us. Dino was very generous with his time, showing us aspects of Milano, like shop fronts and styles, where to eat and have coffee, markets, medieval washing stones, renaissance canals and harbour and architecture we would never have experienced on our own. The outstanding place was San Marie church just off Duomo plazza. Sublime. Vince & Maureen

Visitor: Maureen Callen – Australia – 14/09/2017

Greeter: Dino Ferrari

Bonjour, NOus avons été ravis de la visite de Milan avec notre greeter Lucia. Beaucouc de gentillesse, de connaissance et une promenade très variéé et compléte. Un grand merci à Lucia

Visitor: Danielle Ooms – Belgium – 09/09/2017

Greeter: luciana lamorte

We can't thank Dino & Viola enough They were so friendly & informative You can tell they are proud of Milano & want visitors to love it as they do My husband and I agree that our afternoon with them was one of our travel experiences ever Both kind & considerate we can not thank them enough freddy & frank boon

Visitor: Freddy Boon – United States – 17/09/2017

Greeter: Dino Ferrari

Dino was very informative. He showed us aspects of Milan a tour guide would not have. He has a passion for Milan. We stayed and enjoyed a meal in the area he suggested which was great. He adapted the tour to what we had not seen.

Visitor: Robert Messina – Australia – 13/09/2017

Greeter: Dino Ferrari

We had a wonderful time with Dino who took us through an impressive slice of the history, culture and architecture of this elegant and fascinating city. A great pleasure to meet both Milan and Dino. Many thanks Graham and Laraine

Visitor: Graham Spindler – Australia – 08/09/2017

Greeter: Dino Ferrari

It was really great to discover the city with our Greeter. Thank you all and especially Dino. It has been very interesting for we went trough all the ages of the city in less than 3 hours: Medieval Times, Renaissance, Enlightments and even state of the art contemporanean architecture. We are very positive about Milan now and tell our friends how much this city has to offer. Thank you again. Kind regards. Berenice and Vincent.

Visitor: Berenice Faye-Ory – France – 07/09/2017

Greeter: Dino Ferrari

Eliana was a great greeter! We had so much fun exploring the neighbourhoods and the places locals would go instead of the usual touristy areas. She introduced us to good food places and we had so much fun talking and exchanging cultural views! 🙂 She was very friendly and helpful in answering our questions and I am very thankful for this opportunity to know someone so cheerful like her through this greet! 🙂

Visitor: Rae Kiang – Singapore – 03/09/2017

Greeter: Eliana Amboni

My friend Ulla and I would like to thank you again on our way with our guide DINO very warmly for interesting city fare.Apart from culture and history,he showed us many great places of interest ,restaurants(Aperitivo-Time =great!) and hidden churches and shops. We have already told our families and friends of this great Greeter-offer and it was at least recommended.This tour was one of the hightlights in Milan.Many thanka to Dino

Visitor: Christel Otto – Germany – 30/08/2017

Greeter: Dino Ferrari

Dino Ferrari provided an excellent 3 hour tour....which he would have extended but for the fact we had a gallery tour. He was extremely knowledgeable and friendly. What a great experience. This is our fourth Global Greeter experience andthey have all been excellent

Visitor: Kathleen Braden – United States – 30/07/2017

Greeter: Dino Ferrari

Eliana was a relaxed, open and friendly greeter with lots of knowledge of the city. She had great stories to tell us and was also interested in learning more about our home country and cities. We loved seeing the old and the new of Milan throughout the tour. Thank you Eliana and good luck in Derby!!

Visitor: Katy Wilson-Scott – United Kingdom – 13/08/2017

Greeter: Eliana Amboni

Dino was great! We have loved Milan because of him. He took us to the offbeat places that we'd never would've seen otherwise. We could tell that Dino loves the city and proud of its history. Thank you for organizing such a great program, the Greeters Network.

Visitor: Yana Brodskiy – United States – 17/08/2017

Greeter: Dino Ferrari