Milan Italy


Read what other have to say about their Greeter experience.

Dino Ferrari was great. He showed us the city of Milan. This was our first time with Global Greeters. Since we have such a great experience with Dino, we would definitely recommends Gobal greeters to everyone. Thank you Dino

Visitor: Ashley Nguyen Nguyen – United States – 12/08/2018

Greeter: Dino Ferrari

Notre guide, Betty, parlait très bien le français. Elle nous a montré des endroits où nous n'aurions pas été sans elle. Trompe l'œil, nouveau quartier.. Elle était tres à l'écoute et à modifié son programme de départ pour nous satisfaire. Betty nous a aussi donné des conseils pratiques très intéressants. Tres belle rencontre et visite. Merci!

Visitor: Marie-Anne Tack – Suisse – 09/09/2018

Greeter: Elisabetta Barbini

Eliana gave us a very good view on the newer part of the city, we were very satisfied. Can you please ask her to send us the picture she took from the 3 of us? Thank you very much and kind regards

Visitor: Heidi Stevens – Belgium – 27/08/2018

Greeter: Eliana Amboni

Grâce à Lucia nous avons découvert Milan sous l'angle des différentes époques de sa construction et avons pu pousser les portes d'églises extraordinaires. Nous avons trouvé cela passionnant et vivant. Lucia est très sympathique et intéressante

Visitor: Anne Dizarn – France – 21/08/2018

Greeter: luciana lamorte

LUCIA a été une super guide. Nous l'avons beaucoup apprécié. elle a pris son temps pour nous expliquer et nous faire visiter les monuments. elle nous a parlé de la vie milanaise. tout ce que nous recherchions. Merci bcp a recommander

Visitor: brigitte daulan – France – 28/08/2018

Greeter: luciana lamorte

Betty a été une greeter charmante elle nous a fait découvrir l'architecture moderne (la foret verticale) et ancienne de Milan des chapelles peu connues nous avons passe un moment délicieux en sa compagnie merci encore de s etre adaptée a une personne en fauteuil roulant et de nous avoir impeccablement parle en francais et repondu à nos questions merci beaucoup Marion

Visitor: Marion Casari – France – 04/08/2018

Greeter: Elisabetta Barbini

Dear Dino, We had a terrific time seeing Milan with you. You introduced us to new sights a short distance from our apartment and gave us history that we would otherwise be unaware of. It was truly a pleasurable experience. I will write an article on our experience on my travel blog and will certainly recommend Milan Greeters.Thank you for sparing your precious time.

Visitor: Vimal and Smita Raniga – Australia – 06/08/2018

Greeter: Dino Ferrari

We absolutely loved it and I will recommend the Milan Greeters to everyone I know visiting Milan! Thank you for everything!

Visitor: Dries Clijsters – Belgium – 11/08/2018

Greeter: Susanna Baggio

Dino was prompt upon his arrival He introduced himself and asked what we had already seen in Milan He loves his city and it shows in his enthusiasm when explaining the history or a building. He stayed with us from 4:30pm-8:00pm.with strategic coffee breaks. He made our visit to Milan very memorable

Visitor: Johanna Seifarth – Canada – 05/08/2018

Greeter: Dino Ferrari

Perfect visit with Rosaria.

Visitor: FRANCOIS PARIS – France – 11/07/2018

Greeter: Rosaria Tamburrino

I met Dino Ferrari and he was a great greeter. He not only adjusted to me being tired after the first tour in the day, but also adjusted his own tour to suit my interests. We had a coffe together while planning the trip and a drink after the tour that was amazing. A personal tour is much different from group tours that others offer and i think it should be kept like this in the future. Thanks for the greeter team!

Visitor: Sarunas Leliuga – Lithuania – 24/07/2018

Greeter: Dino Ferrari

Dino showed us all the great sites in Milan and we thourghly enjoyed it. He did a great job.

Visitor: Frederick Steele – United States – 25/07/2018

Greeter: Dino Ferrari

I had a fantastic time with Dino. What an energy and enthusiasm I experienced with him!

Visitor: Daniel Bols – Netherlands – 01/08/2018

Greeter: Dino Ferrari

Very nice ecperience. Dino was so informative and polite. He showed us places in Milano that We wouldn’t have seen without him.

Visitor: Per Blohm – Denmark – 18/07/2018

Greeter: Dino Ferrari

Nous sommes très satisfaits de cette balade à Milan avec Betty. Elle parle bien Français, les endroits visités étaient biens choisis et elle nous a donné de bons conseils. Merci.

Visitor: JEROME TAILLOIS – France – 18/07/2018

Greeter: Elisabetta Barbini

Your greeters organisation is fantastic. The best way to learn about the citys rich history and culture with your own personal toir guide. Love it would recommend it to anyone visiting the city’s on their first visit or next visit. Thank you greeters

Visitor: Rashid DAVIDS – Australia – 13/06/2018

Greeter: Martina Rizzo

Fabio was a very informative and generous greeter & we really appreciated the opportunity to spend some time with him understanding local Milanese life. Thank you Fabio

Visitor: Leanne Sibly – Australia – 06/07/2018

Greeter: Fabio Antonio Cesare Massimo Roberto Norberto Franco Schiavo

It was perfect. Dino is a fantastic greeter. He give us touristic news, historic informations, unusual ideas... it was a pleasure for the adults and also for the children. Thanks a lot

Visitor: solene rabin – France – 29/04/2018

Greeter: Dino Ferrari

Fue una visita muy agradable. Nuestro greeter, Fabio nos enseño partes de Milan que no figuran en las guias y que permiten entender mas sobre esta interesante y bella ciudad. Tambien fue una tarde para compartir ideas, pensamientos, como una visita a un amigo lejano. Muchas gracias Fabio y gracias a la organizacion Gracie

Visitor: Robles Silvia – Spain – 05/07/2018

Greeter: Fabio Antonio Cesare Massimo Roberto Norberto Franco Schiavo

Visite intéressante et très agréable en compagnie de notre greeter qui s'est vraiment adaptée à notre demande. Un grand merci pour ce moment de partage 🙂

Visitor: Nathalie PERNET – France – 01/07/2018

Greeter: Elisabetta Barbini